Pre-event Engagement with a Creative Campaign: STAN






The Challenge


STAN (Science and Technology Angel Network) organized the “STAN Talks” event in Los Angeles. The organizational team wanted to engage participants before the event and encourage active participation.


The Solution


STAN initiated an internal campaign featuring keynote speakers for their event, who personally recorded introduction videos and extended invitations to others to join in. These videos included precise instructions and timing guidance, enabling the video recorders to shape their speeches effectively.

These videos were circulated by both the speakers themselves and were prominently shared across all of STAN’s social media platforms, creating a unified and engaging pre-event promotional effort.


The Results


The campaign yielded an engagement boost, community building, and event anticipation. It resulted in a diverse collection of videos that added more visibility and interest to the overall promotion of the event. Although the organizers planned to have around 60 guests, the event hosted over 90 representatives of the local startup ecosystem. 


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Project Details

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Pre-event Engagement with a Creative Campaign: STAN