Natural Cosmetics Revolution




The challenge


Rx Renew, a luxury skincare brand that provides medical spa services and lip care products, wanted to launch a compelling campaign to captivate customers and cultivate a strong base of loyal users.


The solution


Utilizing the power of BrandLens, Rx Renew designed an engaging and interactive campaign to inspire customers to prioritize skincare and lip care. Participants were encouraged to share their experiences at Rx Renew brand (getting skincare treatment or using li[ products). Clients shared their positive skin transformation in their social networks to spread the word about the importance of skincare.

The campaign’s unique QR code was prominently displayed on select product sets and brand centers. Customers also received the campaign link via email during checkout.

As a testament to their dedication, 15 fortunate winners were rewarded with a coveted prize: facial sculpting services, anti-aging treatments, and total lip care products. These exclusive rewards not only delighted the winners but also fostered a strong sense of loyalty among participants, solidifying their connection with the brand.


Campaign Features


✔︎ The duration of one video is set to 30 seconds

✔︎ Participants are provided with on-screen instructions 


The results (for 2 months)


978 campaign visitors

108 campaign videos created

11% conversion rate

54 minutes of videos



Click on the link to try the campaign out:

Project Details

  • Category: Marketing
Natural Cosmetics Revolution