Startup Short form Video Pitches for Angel Investment





The Challenge


STAN (Science and Technology Angels Network) sought to enhance the efficiency of bridging the gap between promising startups seeking investment and potential angel investors. With a multitude of startups vying for attention, it was crucial to provide a streamlined and engaging way for these startups to present their ideas to investors.


The Solution


To address this efficiency enhancement goal, STAN signed up with BrandLens to use . Instead of solely depending on conventional pitch sessions, STAN used BrandLens UGC campaigns to source video pitches. Campaigns provided predefined questions, and founders created succinct 30-second video pitches by answering them. These videos served as a crucial introduction to the pitching sessions, providing angel investors with essential information about each startup’s distinct concept and vision.


The Results


STAN’s partnership with BrandLens and the introduction of 30-second videos provided an innovative solution that significantly improved the investment process. These concise videos offered investors valuable context, resulting in a higher success rate for investment deals and fostering better connections between startups and angel investors. This efficiency enhancement transformed the startup-investor interaction landscape, benefiting both parties.

Project Details

  • Category: Activation
Startup Short form Video Pitches for Angel Investment