The Sound of Engagement: Mr. Tortilla’s Social Media Campaign






The Challenge


Mr. Tortilla sought an engaging strategy to connect with their customers and boost their brand presence on social media platforms. A social media campaign for activation is what Mr. Tortilla was looking for.


The Solution


Mr. Tortilla created an immersive experience with BrandLens campaigns where customers could actively engage with the brand. Participants were invited to dance, have fun, and make on-screen choices as part of the campaign. This gamified approach not only captured their attention but also made the brand interaction memorable and enjoyable. Adding a touch of originality and entertainment, Mr. Tortilla developed its own branded music, making the campaign truly unique. The video content generated through BrandLens campaigns were asked to be shared on social media.

Participants shared their videos on personal social media accounts, driven by incentives like discounts and the chance for brand recognition.


The Results


As of now, the campaign is still ongoing, and the results are yet to be determined.

Click here to try the campaign out:

Project Details

  • Category: Activation
The Sound of Engagement: Mr. Tortilla’s Social Media Campaign