Enhanced Engagement at an On-site Event





The challenge


A customer participated in a prestigious international conference attended by more than 400,000 visitors. The primary objective for the company during this in-person event was to actively engage attendees and convert them into leads at their booth.


The solution 


To foster attendee participation and generate user-generated video content, BrandLens was implemented as an effective tool during the conference. This strategy not only expanded the audience reach but also boosted engagement levels significantly.

At the conference booth, an incentivized campaign enticed visitors to create and share videos related to the event and the presenting company. Participants simply scanned the QR code displayed in the booth and followed on-screen prompts to record concise 15-second videos.

As a token of appreciation, all participants received a $5 coffee shop certificate, reinforcing their enthusiasm to engage with the campaign. Additionally, they were entered into a draw for a chance to win a VR set, further enhancing the excitement and anticipation surrounding their involvement.


Campaign Features


✔︎ The video length was limited to 15 seconds

✔︎ Personalized “welcome” on the camera screen

✔︎ Fun on-screen survey

✔︎ On-screen instructions on what to say

✔︎ Brand logo


The result


472 campaign visitors

186 campaign videos created

39% conversion rate

42 minutes of videos

34 social media shares

10200 reach across multiple social media platforms

13% engagement


Click on the link to try the campaign out: https://blens.io/igQecw

Project Details

  • Category: Marketing
Enhanced Engagement at an On-site Event