UCLA MBA Discovery Campaign





The Challenge


Adjusting to a new educational environment can be quite difficult for a student. It may take some time to become accustomed to the principles and academic demands, but perhaps the most challenging aspect is forming new connections and friendships.

Knowing this issue, UCLA Anderson School of Management looked for a solution to accelerate the experience of meeting potential fellow students and fostering early engagement in a fun way.


The Solution


UCLA Anderson School of Management partnered with BrandLens to realize a simple yet powerful campaign. The entering class of 2026 was encouraged to prepare a video answer to a few questions about themselves, such as favorite movie or book, coffee or tea, or preferred hobby. All videos were collected in a gallery and then shared with the class.

This campaign not only helped to build a culture in a fun and engaging way but also improved orientation and transition support. It fostered a strong sense of community and engagement. Moreover, it became a memorable way for students to introduce themselves and enhance authenticity through user-generated content.


The results


The videos are all internal. Over 100 videos were created by an MBA class at UCLA.


Click on the link to try the campaign out: https://blens.io/IcYaHD

Project Details

  • Category: Engagement
UCLA MBA Discovery Campaign