Content Marketing World Conference UGC Campaign






The Challenge


Content Marketing World (CMWorld) is an annual conference that brings together content marketers, industry experts, and thought leaders worldwide. 

The event organizers wanted to find a new way to engage participants and speakers before the event, spread the word about the event, and create an anticipatory buzz that would enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.


The Solution


CMWorld launched a video campaign encouraging participants to tell what they looked forward to in the upcoming #CMWorld and why. The videos needed to be 30 seconds long, and participants were encouraged to download and share their videos with their network on social media platforms.


The Results


The video campaign launched by CMWorld ignited pre-event excitement and engagement, with participants enthusiastically sharing their anticipation for #CMWorld. This initiative led to a notable increase in event registrations, heightened social media activity, and active involvement from speakers and industry influencers.


Click on the link to try the campaign out:

Project Details

  • Category: Marketing
Content Marketing World Conference UGC Campaign